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Why I started blogging

I know nothing about business, but that's not stopping me from becoming a businessman... and one day, when I do become one, we can look back on this blog to see how far I've come and exactly how I did it.

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From when I was a tiny little boy until this very day, there is at least one thing that I've always wanted: to become an honest, successful businessman. And I will become one (or die trying), but I am not one yet.

I started this blog about 8 months ago to document the process of how I become a successful businessman. I made it so that in the future, I can show people what I was thinking about "in the early days" and throughout the entire process.

Nowadays, I see countless people* on social media that claim to be "influencers" and "entrepreneurs" that "teach people how to take control of their lives" and "how to earn passive income", etc.

They claim to know it all. They think they've "made it".

How these people get the audacity, considering most of them have had, at best, some short-term results that they don't necessarily know how to replicate... I don't know. But I certainly do not have that kind of audacity. As a matter of fact, I have quite the opposite kind:

* Side note: no judgement on these people, they're all just doing what they think is right.

I know nothing.

Right here, right now, I wholly proclaim that I know all but nothing about business. I have very little experience in running businesses and I'm only beginning to see the light in terms of how I should go about becoming an "honest, successful businessman", how much time and effort it will take, and what kind of sacrifices I will have to make to become one.

In this blog and all over my social media, I will be documenting where my mind is, my successes (and how I achieved them), my failures (and how I worked through them), the ideas that pop into my head, when and why I feel I need to make changes in what I'm doing, etc.

I say that I want to become a "successful" businessman, but I don't have a clear definition of "success". Actually, I don't think that I'll ever truly consider myself a success. I think that pursuing success is the fun part. So therefore:

  1. I'm already having fun! and
  2. I will be documenting my journey until the day I die (...unless we find a way to live forever – scientists? anyone?).

The goals

Here's what I'm aiming to achieve in the short and long term:


My short-term goal is to make enough money so that I don't have to worry about paying my most basic life expenses (because as of today, I worry about that very much – I barely make enough money to pay rent and eat food.)


My long term goal is to have enough influence and money so that I can help other people achieve their their own short and long term goals.

I'm purposely omitting "time" here.  I have the same amount of time as anybody else on this planet, so I don't believe it's about "getting more free time", I believe it's about spending your time wisely and getting enough money and influence so that you can do whatever you want with your time.

Long-long term

My long-long term goal is: just to leave humanity in – at the very least – a little bit better shape than it was when I got to enter it. I feel privileged to live in the way that I do, in the time that I do, and to have the positive mindset that I do. I feel a moral obligation to positively impact as many other people as I can, and I believe I can do that by being very patient, staying humble, and working very, very hard.

Prepare for things to get messy...

Here's a great example of how little I know about what I'm doing: this post that you're reading right now... it probably should have been the first post that I ever wrote and put on this blog – but it's the eighth! That just goes to show: I don't have things figured out.

And to me: that's okay! Even better: that's exactly the point.

I don't want to present myself to everybody in 50 years and say: "Look at me, I'm perfect! I've always been perfect and YOU SHOULD ALL FEEL INFERIOR, MUAH HA HA HA HA!"


I want to say: "Look at all the stupid shit I did before I got to where I am today." and then refer them to my blog posts, videos, etc. from the past 50 years.

So that's that.

So yeah, that's why I started this blog, and that's why I'll be documenting all the stupid and smart stuff that I do... until I cannot do it anymore. Hopefully my insights will help someone in the future do what they want to do with their lives.

Thanks for reading this post! Don't forget to call someone you love and tell them how amazing they are! Have yourself a terrific day! 😉

About Jacob

I'm Jacob! I'm the guy this website is named after. No wait... I'm just the guy who made this website. Anyway, I like sharing my wisdom and I'm documenting my life for historical accuracy (because I think I'm going to be rich and successful one day).


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