Terms of Use

These our are terms of use.

If you do not accept and agree with these Terms of Use, you must stop using Our website immediately. If you continue to use Our website, it constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use.

"Terms of use" are like "house rules".

If you want to hangout at somebody's house, you have to play by their rules.

If you want to view/use our website, you have to play by our rules, no exceptions.

Please read these Terms and make sure you understand them (if you have any questions, just let us know). Unlike most legal mumbo-jumbo and terms of use, our Terms of Use are easy to read, easy to understand, and short.

So here goes:

Effective Date

These terms are effective: May 31, 2020.


When we say "we", "us", "our", etc. we mean: Jacob Marciniec and anybody hired by him or involved with creating and maintaining the Content on jacobmarciniec.com or any related website/social media profile.

When we say "content" or "our content", we mean: anything (e.g. pictures, articles, videos, or any kind of information) we post on our website(s), social media profiles, or anywhere else.

When we say "Terms", we mean: these Terms of Use.

When we say "using our content", we mean: accessing, viewing, downloading, re-purposing, remixing, taking advice from, or doing anything else with our content.


A wise person once said:

There are no guarantees in life.

We don't know who it is, but whoever they were: they're right.

And this is no exception. We do not guarantee that any information we provide on our website, our social media profiles, or anywhere else will:

  • solve any of your problems,
  • get you the results that you desire,
  • protect you from lawsuits,
  • protect you from legal troubles,
  • make you earn a lot of money,
  • make you earn any money at all, or
  • absolutely anything else.

To achieve any of those things, we believe you need to work hard, add value to your community, and serve others. Life and business is what you make of it. Agreed?

We're here to help you by giving you our best ideas, techniques and strategies, that may or may not have worked for us, but we are in no way responsible for any negative outcome you encounter.

We're not responsible for any positive outcomes you create for yourself, either. If you become successful thanks to something you learned from us, good on you. You did that through your actions and you should be proud of yourself, not in debt to us.

Furthermore, our content is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. There are no warranties and no guarantees of any kind that our content is:

  • accurate,
  • always available,
  • virus-free,
  • error-free,
  • completely secure, or
  • absolutely anything else.

Basically, you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system, hardware, software or for any loss of data or any other damages (be they financial, legal or any other kind) relating to using our content.

If you can't take responsibility for your own actions, then we are not the people you want to hang around with, anyway.

Governing Jurisdiction

We live in the United States. You agree that any legal proceedings between you and us will take place in the United States.

Target Audience

Our content is primarily targeted for people over 18 years old that live in the United States.

If you are under 18, you must have permission from your parent or guardian to use our content.

If you are under 13, you cannot use our content under any circumstances. Sorry.


To find out what information we collect and what we do with it, please check out our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property Violations

We put a lot of effort into finding and giving credit to the sources of third-party content We use on our website, social media posts, etc.

We always want to give credit where credit is due and we never want to use anybody's content if they don't want us to. If you feel that we have violated the rights of your intellectual property, please contact us ASAP. We want to make things right.

Changes to These Terms

We will change these Terms of Use every once in a while. When we do so, we will update this page with the new rules and effective date and if the changes affect you: we will notify you about them and allow you agree to the changes.

How to Get Help

Want to know something in more detail? No problem, we’re here to help. Just reach out to us: support@jacobmarciniec.com.