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What I'm Thinking About This Month — June 2022

This is a new idea I have for documenting my life. I will just dump the biggest things that were on my mind this month.

Jacob Marciniec
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June 30, 2022
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July 1, 2022

This is a new idea I have for documenting my life.

Basically, I will just dump the biggest things that were on my mind this month. Big enough that I distinctly still remember them at the end of it.

So, what was I thinking about this lovely June of 2022?

  1. I've gotta finish my the rental unit of the apartment I just bought ASAP so that it can start providing me with a little income and alleviate the large growth in its monthly loan payments.
  2. Although it sucks right now, I'm happy about the gigantic inflation we are suffering through. In the long run, it will lighten the load of the monthly loan payments on my apartment.
  3. I'm quite happy with my increased output of social media content.
  4. I need to make more money. I want to raise lots of kids and I want more stable finances before getting started. I'm pondering new streams of income and/or how to increase the income of my current streams to make that happen.
  5. I need to employ some people. Growing alone has its limits and is not as beneficial for society as building a team of people that can share your success.
  6. Lightyear is a dope-ass movie. Cream of the crop. Tip top. I recommend it highly. I will make my kids watch it.

I've Gotta Finish The Rental Unit Of My Apartment

The rental unit of the apartment I bought is consuming the majority of my brain power and schedule. The reason for this is simple: not having this apartment rental ready is currently my single largest expense. Maintaining this unit costs me around 75 PLN/ day out of pocket and every day that it is not listed for rent I am losing about 150 PLN in potential income.

Here are a few of the design challenges I'm churning through in my head whenever I have a moment to think:

  • How to design a access panel to the water shutoff valves in the bathrooms, especially in the rental unit. The valves have to be easily accessible, but not too easily accessible, so that people who rent the apartment don't snoop around and damage the valves or hurt themselves.
  • How to temporarily seal the holes I made in both units that will be used to install A/C at a later date. The solution needs to be: good at thermally and acoustically insulating the units from the exterior of the building, blend in with the exterior of the building, property seal the hole from the elements (sun, rain, wind, etc.), be safe (can't have anything sharp sticking out of it, so that no one will get hurt), and not be easy to dismantle (especially without tools, so that tenants staying in the rental unit do not take it apart).
  • I'm installing the refrigerators and washing machines in my apartment on a plywood platform with casters. This will make them easy to access for repairs in the future if need be, and/or for cleaning under/behind them. But I also need a way to lock them in place so that: tenants don't move the appliances for whatever reason and possibly injure themselves, the appliances don't tip over if e.g. a kid decides to climb on them (especially the refrigerator), and to stop the washing machines from making excessive noise while operating (if not locked in place, they can vibrate against stuff, move, bump into things, etc). I am thinking of using latch clasps (buckle clasps? spring latches? why can't the industry decide on a name for these?) to lock the caster platforms to adjacent, more permanently-attached furniture.

I'm happy about this inflation

My relationship with inflation is bitter-sweet. Generally, inflation benefits borrowers...

If wages increase with inflation, and if the borrower already owed money before the inflation occurred, the inflation benefits the borrower. This is because the borrower still owes the same amount of money, but now they have more money in their paycheck to pay off the debt. (www.investopedia.com)

... and, as of recent, I am a borrower of about 600k PLN, which is a lot of money for me. The heavy inflation being seen in Poland right now should cause the value of the underlying real estate I just purchased, my income, and property rental prices to go up.

After this inflation settles down, we will be left with higher wages, more expensive housing, etc... but I will still be making payments on a loan that I took out before this inflation. And when this inflation settles down, so will interest rates. That means the payments on my (stupid) variable-rate property loan will also go down.

Most people hate inflation, but I think their problem is that they just don't understand how to use it to their advantage.

I'm happy with my increased output of social media content.

Did you know I've posted at least 1 video every week so far this year?

That's still not anywhere near where I want to be, but that's a big stride from previous years where I maybe put out 1–2 videos the whole year.

A lot of these video are just short, off-the-cuff type things. But I can now see first hand how focusing quantity over quality can lead to better quality in the long run (as long as you still make quality a priority).

I need to make more money so I can have lots of kids.

One of my overarching life goals is to have a lot of kids (4+) and raise them to be happy, healthy, self-sufficient, self-aware, contributors to a better society.

I don't make enough money to raise 4+ kids the way I want to raise them (in a financially stable, safe home).

I also don't want to be a grandpa when I start raising these kids, so I need to start making or adopting them soon, which means I need to make more money soon.

I'm thinking about making more money by venturing into rental arbitrage (leasing real property for long-ish terms, then subleting them for short term rentals, e.g. via Airbnb).

I'm also thinking about how to improve and better monetize my social media marketing skills.

I need to employ some people.

To get to my goal of making more money and having lots of kids, I am certain I will need the help of other people.

Growing your income, a company, or anything by yourself has its limits. Also, it's not as beneficial for society as building something bigger with a team of people that can share in the success.

I need to make more money so I can hire people and grow a community of like-minded people that do good and make money so they can live their own, happy lives.

Lightyear is a dope-ass movie. Cream of the crop. Tip top. I recommend it highly. I will make my kids watch it.

I saw Lightyear with Wera this month. Dope movie. Space exploration, minimal science-related flaws, and a lot of valuable life lessons. Plus, just great animation work. High quality picture. Love it. A billion times better than any Toy Story.

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