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I'm Doubling Down On This Philosophy Regarding Stress

When I put the "stress" in my everyday life into perspective, I realize I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I will consciously force myself to remain calm, make rational decisions, and press forward in anything I do despite however stressful it may seem.

Jacob Marciniec
What appears to be a large mass of ice with a gigantic crack in it
Maybe this ice cracked due to too much stress?
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February 29, 2020
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I've noticed a common theme among most of the people I meet: they are stressed out. They are stressed out because of work, school, their parents, their partners, because they didn't buy bitcoin 5 years ago, because they don't know what they want to do tomorrow/next week/2 years from now, and for whatever other reason.

Here's another thing I've noticed: I'm not stressed out.

I don't get stressed out easily, and I consider that a strength of mine.

... And I'm doubling down on that strength.

I will consciously force myself to remain calm, make rational decisions, and press forward in anything I do despite however stressful it may seem.

I'm doing this because I believe that how successful you are in ANYTHING is directly proportional to how much stress you are capable of handling.

Here's a quick graph of what I'm trying to get across:

... I so much believe this to be true that I'm betting my future on it (2 fun facts about me: 1. I think gambling is stupid and 2. my future is very important to me).

Why I think being good at managing stress will put me in the "1%"

I believe that most people suck at managing stress. I believe that most people give up under the smallest amounts of pressure. I believe that most people are weak (wow, I really sound like an asshole, huh?) I think most people give up on their dreams and live in their comfort zone.

Furthermore: I believe that most people reach plateaus in their professional lives for this exact reason. They reach the limit of the stress they can handle and therefore they reach the limit of their success.

If I'm right, that means that if I can handle more stress than most people, I can be more successful than most people.

It also means that if I can teach myself to handle more stress, I can achieve greater things than I have ever achieved in the past.

A side note: I do not believe that being able to handle stress is the end-all-be-all when it comes to being successful. I believe that it's one very important factor.

How I put stress into perspective and how that helps me avoid it almost entirely

"Stress" is extremely subjective... to one person, trying to decide between 2 brands of cereal is "stressful". To another,  double-checking the safety systems of a rocket that will carry human beings is "stressful".

I can define for myself what a "stressful" situation is, so I can define for myself what my upper limit of stress is.

Actually, I'm choosing to screw stress altogether. I'm choosing to put no upper limit on the stress I'm willing to handle.

Sometimes when I — almost for a second — think that something I have to face in my daily life is stressful, I remind myself that things could be so much worse. When I put the "stress" in my everyday life into perspective, I realize I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

There are people that have real problems. People on Earth are being abused and don't know who to turn to. Generations of people were enslaved and violently mistreated by totalitarian rulers.

... And we're stressing out because of some paperwork in a corporate office?

I'm not effective when I'm stressed-out

I realized some time ago (about 3 years ago) that when I'm in a state of stress, I don't function very efficiently. So I don't get stressed out anymore. I default to finding a solution, not stressing myself out.


My awareness that stress doesn't drive the results I desire combined with how I put "stressful" situations in perspective has allowed me to all but completely eliminate stress from my life.

Thanks to my state of mind, I can also almost entirely (or entirely) liquidate any stress I have at any time. It's really great.

Thank you for being here!

... and thank you for reading this post!

How do you manage stress? Share your secrets in the comments below so we can all leach off your genius!

See you later! Have a wonderful, fantastic day — I'm looking forward to writing another post for you next month 🤩 and as a wise man once said, many times, in the form of song: don't worry, be happy.

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