English Lessons With Jacob

Should you hire me to help you with your English?

You DO NOT need to hire me.

Just so we're clear: I 100% believe in you. I believe that you can learn how to speak English fluently, very quickly, all by yourself.

The free advice and resources I give you on my website are more than enough to get you half way to speaking great English and your own hard work and dedication will get you the rest of the way there.

But if you hire me, I bet I can make you achieve your goals even faster.

You should hire me if:

  • You are serious about improving your English.
  • Your priority is effective communication, not perfect grammar.
  • You hate the way English is taught in public schools.
  • You want to improve faster than you would by yourself.

How do I teach English?

I'm not your typical English tutor...

I want you to fire me.

That's right. If you hire me, my goal if for YOU to fire me as soon as possible. All I care about is that you get to the level you want to be at in English. I want you not to need me anymore.

I have no official credentials.

I'm not certified to teach English in any way.

I'm just somebody who was born and raised in the USA, speaks and writes English on a daily basis, does so very well (if I do say so myself) and has a lot of experience helping Polish people improve their English quickly and effectively.

I don't teach in the "standard" way you do in a classroom or with a tutor.

Lessons are primarily for talking. I speak English with you. A lot. I will never give you an assignment, wait for you to finish it, then go over it with you.

I don't teach you grammatical rules.

I help you figure out the "rules" of English for yourself by talking you through examples.

I point out specific, important recurring errors you make so that you can stop making them.

I don't want you to memorize long lists of words.

I learn new words with you in context.

I come up with fun and unique ways to remember important words and phrases with you.

Memorizing long lists of words is useless if you don't actually know how to use them in a sentence or easily remind yourself what they mean.

I don't use school books (ever).

English has so many exceptions to "rules" that textbooks are useless. Besides, when's the last time you saw a native speaker consult a textbook in order to talk to someone?

I don't have an arbitrary lesson plan for you to follow.

Everybody learns differently. I don't force you to follow some specific "master plan" I've created. I talk with you and feel out what will help you the most, then we brainstorm together and we come up with a plan for learning that will help you achieve your goals as soon as possible.

I don't teach people to get English certifications

That's right. If you're trying to get an English certification... I'm probably not the best teacher for you.

Although after you are speaking fluently and confidentially, passing any certification should be a piece of cake.

Ready to take the next step in improving your English?

Let's work together to make your English better.