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My Diet Is Terrible

I know I should be eating lots of whole fruits and vegetables... but in practice, I live off McDonald's, Snickers, various chocolates, and Cheetos.

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A bunch junk food sprawled out on a bed. Towards the left there are a few handfuls of junk food wrappers, and on the right a few handfuls of unopened junk food.
A bunch of the junk food I've lived off for the last few days (left) and junk food I plan to live off in the next few days (right).
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July 31, 2022 12:05
July 31, 2022
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July 31, 2022
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The most important part of this blog is to document my life and the process of becoming an honest, successful businessman (or dying trying).

... The most important thing in life is your health and the health of your close friends and family. After all, you can't run any business or help any people if you're dead.

Here's the worst thing: I know that. I know that health is #1. You need to take care of your mind and body. Without a solid mind and body, you cannot do much efficiently or successfully.

And yet, I am not taking care of my body the way I should.

... and that needs to change ASAP.

Mentally, I'd say I'm one of the healthiest people on Earth. I love life, I'm great at managing stress, and I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's on the planet.

Physically... I've been better (to say the least).

I do not put in the effort I should to take care of my body, and that is a major problem I need to prioritize solving.

My biggest problem is my diet.

I know I should be eating lots of whole fruits and vegetables, minimizing or eliminating processed foods, and minimizing sugar intake.

Again, I know this, but I don't practice it because I'm stupid.

In practice, I essentially live off McDonald's, Snickers, various chocolates, Cheetos, Coke Zero/Pepsi Max, and jelly beans.

This has been going on for at least the last 2–3 years.

I do also regularly drink Huel, which is probably the healthiest thing I do within my diet. If nothing else, it works well for my psyche, convincing me that I'm getting the bare minimum nutrition I need instead of relying on crappy candy and chips to provide it (or a lack of it).

I also have glimpses of healthy food in my life when my clients invite me to have a meal with them, when Wera (my girlfriend) cooks something at home, or when I'm at my parents' house in the countryside. Thank heavens for those meals. I'm sure they do wonders for me. Unfortunately, they are few and far between — maybe once or twice a week on average.

With clients (bless their souls, I love them), it goes the other way, too. Sometimes they take me for a nice, healthy sushi dinner, other times they feed me sugar-loaded deserts.

That's essentially all I wanted to say in this post. I want to share the good and the bad of my life, and there is nothing worse than not taking care of yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, you sure as hell shouldn't have the audacity to think you can help take care of others, and I want to raise lots of kids, so I need to do better to be the role model they deserve to have.

Not to mention I need to take care of myself so I can be around for a long time for them.

So there you have it folks, this is a big hurdle in my young life: eating healthy.

I want to have enough money in the near future to hire a professional chef to cook all my meals. If only Wera had a sudden epiphany that she wanted to become a healthy lifestyle private chef...

The reason I rely on junk food to feed myself is because I loathe the idea of spending more than 25 seconds to make food. I always have something I'd rather be doing, even if that something is looking at a spreadsheet.

And this private chef idea, I've had it for years. YEARS. I know feeding myself healthy food is a weakness of mine and I've been anticipating the day when I have a large enough income to pay a good chef to just plant delicious, healthy food in front of my face 3ish times a day so that I don't even have to think about it.

At least I don't do drugs.

For documentary sake, here is what a typical day looks like for me, food-wise:

  • 06:00–10:00... I wake up and do not eat breakfast. I usually do drink approximately 1 glass of water or 1 cup of tea.
  • 10:00–16:00... I would say most days, I do not eat anything until at least 16:00. But there are exceptions: If I'm home and I have some e.g. M&M's, jelly beans, or something similar near me (as I often do) I will devour all of it. Whole family-sized packages, no problem. If Wera happens to be around, she will sometimes make something like grilled cheese or soft-boiled eggs and I will eat that. If I'm feeling like I've been particularly bad with my healthy food intake lately, I will make myself a Huel shake with frozen bananas, strawberries, and spinach. Any time I'm thirsty, I reach for just about anything, usually just tap water, but if I have Cola Zero or Pepsi Max, I tend to go for that. I like to water down my colas, too. Something like 1/3 water, 2/3 cola. Also, Adding some lemon or lime and mint to the cola is the freaking best. Also: the cola has to be cold. Warm cola is major meh... water on the other hand I usually prefer room temperature.
  • 16:00–20:00... if I'm lucky, a client will feed me a nice dinner, but usually I just stop at McDonald's for a value meal (something like a chicken sandwich and small fries).
  • 20:00–24:00... if I'm particularly hungry, I will make myself pizza or chicken nuggets from the freezer, or if I don't feel like making either of those, I will often just eat Cheetos and 1–4 mini Snickers bars before going to bed.

Thanks for reading. Take care of your body, my friend <3

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